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11September 2020

Occupation: Communications Director
Industry: Higher Education
Age: 52
Location: Berkeley, CA
Income: $105,000 + $9,000 freelance editing + $55,000 consulting income between me and my partner
Net Worth: $1,765,000– this includes money cost savings, my husband’s retirement fund, and equity in our home (minus financial obligation listed below). In addition, I have a defined pension plan from my work. If I retire at 67, I can take either a $1.1 million lump amount (plus health insurance spent for life) or a month-to-month benefit of about $9,000 approximately monthly. My partner and I have been wed for 15 years and our financial resources are entirely merged.Debt:$782,000 home mortgage;$29,000
vehicle loan; $10,000 credit card debt Paycheck Amount( 1x/month):$6,289 after taxes plus about $750 freelance modifying and $4,583 from speaking with before taxes Pronouns: She/her Monthly Expenditures Mortgage: $3,592(

I deal with my spouse, son, 4 cats, one canine, two guinea pigs)Property Taxes:$1,200 Vehicle loan:$418 Credit Cards: $200 Mobile phone:$244 WiFi: $78 Energies:$200 Educational Therapy: $750(for my son)College Cost savings:$300 Car+House Insurance:$225 LifeInsurance: $136
YMCA: $48
(sharing rate throughout COVID closure as contribution)Amazon Prime/Netflix/Apple Music:$ 39 NewspaperSubscriptions: Donations:$60 ($ 25 to a local literary festival,$5 to a local book shop to keep it open throughout COVID, $10 to a bicycle union,$10 to the National Resources Defense Council;$10 to Everytown for Weapon Security)Health Insurance: $186.37(this is pre-tax and I pay absolutely nothing for dental/vision for the whole family)Medical Budget:$125 pre-tax Special needs: $128 post-tax Retirement: $681, pre-tax.(I pay 7%of my income, my university pays double.)Source: refinery29.com

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