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16November 2020

Profession: Unemployed (hopefully momentary!)
Market: Currently none, formerly operated in academia
Age: 32
Area: Burbank, CA
Salary: Unemployed (it was $57,000 up until July when I was let go, I now gather joblessness)
Net Worth: $53,000 (plus my one-bedroom condo in the valley, more on that listed below)– this is just my net worth, my partner and I keep meaning to integrate our accounts, however we have not yet so we simply take turns spending for things. In terms of my husband, he makes $45,000 a year. He covers phone, groceries, food out, TELEVISION memberships, and most miscellaneous costs. It is really close to the mortgage when accumulated. I used to be the income producer so I ‘d contribute a bit more monthly by paying the HOA expense from my account.Debt:$0(I finished 2 years of AmeriCorps service throughout the last economic downturn when I was unable to find a standard job and didn’t have the cash(or the stomach)for graduate school. The end-of-service grant($ 11,000) paid off around 60% of my trainee loans. That truly took the pressure off the month-to-month payments. It took me another 6 years or two to settle the rest of my student loan (around$7,000 ). )Income Quantity (weekly ): $450 Pronouns: She/her Month-to-month Costs Mortgage/HOA/Utilities:
$1,900(I own my condo(jointly with my other half)and we’re not exactly sure if it
has any equity since of COVID and shifting market preferences. Although it’s in a fantastic area with tons of walkable restaurants, shopping, etc, it doesn’t have any private outside area and we think it ‘d be hard to cost years, depending on how the pandemic plays out. Hypothetically, if we offered now, I fear we may even lose a few of the cash we put down on the realtor charges or closing expenses. We were planning on living here for a few years and possibly transferring to a more affordable city with the possible equity(almost any city is less expensive than L.A.)and now whatever is very much up in the air. I try to concentrate on how lucky we are to be house owners at all and not let the unpredictability get me down.) Loans:$ 0(my utilized vehicle is settled as are my student loans )Car/Home/Earthquake Insurance coverage: $2,400 annually Health Insurance: I’m on my husband’s and he pays(we switched to his insurance coverage when I lost my job) HBO:$15 for HBO(I share with family to get access to Netflix/Hulu)Cell Phone:$142 Web: $50 Apple Storage
:$1 Source: refinery29.com

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