Brindisi’s concerns are lost – Rome Sentinel

20August 2020

As I read yet another short article in the paper about Congressman Brindisi criticizing business practices of Spectrum, I thought of a question I want to position to Mr. Brindisi; What good does my cable television or internet connection do me after a “mainly peaceful demonstration” has burned my organisation or house to the ground?

Over the last few months, there have actually been businesses and public property vandalized, looted and burned to the ground. Three federal officers in Portland have actually been blinded by “mainly serene protesters” intending lasers at them. Police officers have been assaulted. The public safety building in Syracuse was attacked and had windows shattered. Faced with these actions, your focus is on … information limitations? Really?

I just examined the problems section of Mr. Brindisi’s site. Any reference of support for the authorities? Condemnation of residential or commercial property damage? No. Demonizing Spectrum? Yes.

Should I aim to Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago to see the kind of future you have in mind for Utica? These are cities run by Democrats. For those who believe the issue in these cities is systemic racism, it is Democratic systemic racism. The city of Chicago, where the “Splendid Mile” of companies was just recently looted, hasn’t had a Republican mayor given that 1931, Minneapolis considering that 1973, Seattle given that 1969, Portland considering that 1980. Whatever problems these cities have, they were not created by Republicans.

I reside in a state where, provided an option, our Democratic governor does not call out the National Guard to stop the rioting however, instead, issued executive orders telling insurance provider to speed up insurance payments for damaged property. Governor, I do not want an insurance payment; I want my residential or commercial property secured.

I live in a county where the Republican politician county executive has backed the governor. I live in a county that has a Democrat for the county constable. He states all the ideal things but what will occur when he has no deputies to send due to defunding the authorities. The handwriting on the wall does not look good to me. Good for the looters and rioters. Or the boy who simply got caught doing over 100 mph fleeing authorities. TWICE IN 3 DAYS. And he is back on the street today. This is not what I want.

Congressman Brindisi, I believe your concerns are misplaced. I wish you might muster up a few of the contempt you have for Spectrum and use it to the rioters and looters, and the protestors that willingly protect the lawbreakers.

— Tom Urtz, Verona


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