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8February 2021

The Cure Auto Insurance Super Bowl commercial is hands-down the worst Super Bowl ad of 2021. It’s one of those spots that will likely become instantly despised — even by people who never heard of the company before.

The premise is simple, and stupid. A woman (who doesn’t even get to have a name) brings an idiot named Tommy into her boss’s office to explain that Tommy brought her into his office and “whipped out his opinion” — except that Opinion is said in such a way that you can tell it’s supposed to be a place-holder for something you should never show your coworkers.

In case you didn’t get the terrible joke, Tommy then says “she was into it” and brags that he has “a pretty big opinion.”

Their boss, Ms. Davis, tells Tommy that nobody in the office “wants” his opinion. Tommy then repeats the joke again, recalling a happy hour incident where Ms. Davis “begged” him for his opinion.

It’s a truly tasteless joke and it seems made just to gin up anger (which, mission accomplished). 

Twitter user Brian McGuinness nailed it, critiquing Cure Auto Insurance for trying to make jokes out of the #MeToo era. 

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@vard_the_viking was rightfully annoyed for sitting through that ad while his parents were in the room.

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More proof of how bad the ad is came from Twitter use @katologic, who was angered despite enjoying her favorite cheese.

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