Former Portland Path Blazer Maurice Harkless Says He Was Racially Profiled by Cops While Living in Oregon – Willamette Week

26August 2020

In the hours after NBA players went on strike to object cops shootings of Black individuals, previous Portland Trail Blazer Maurice Harkless shared on Twitter a story of being racially profiled by a police officer on his way to a playoff game.

Harkless, a little forward now betting the New York Knicks, published after the Blazers revealed they were joining other NBA gamers in a strike to demonstration of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.”I feel for my bros and sis who aren’t as fortunate to show an ID and have an officer’s whole perspective of you change in an immediate,”Harkless wrote.” So when gamers boycott, that’s who they’re doing it for.

“Harkless did not define which police department the officer was from. However for most of his 4 years on the Blazers, records reveal Harkless lived in West Linn, a city about 10 miles south of Portland.

His story suggests he wasn’t far from his home when he was pulled over — he had actually not yet gotten on the highway, he keeps in mind. A West Linn Police Department representative did not respond to an ask for comment.

Here is Harkless’s complete account: Throughout my time playing in Portland, one day I get in my cars and truck with my little brother and nephew(14 and 13 at the time

) delighted for them to stroll in with me for the very first time during a playoff game.

We get in the car and make our method towards the

highway, before we even make it on, actually right when I’m about to make the turn, sirens. I’m calm because I understand I didn’t do anything wrong. So [I] tell the young boys simply remain calm, I got it, pull over and get my license and registration early, turn my radio down and roll down all my windows due to the fact that in my head him seeing the two young boys with me may make him offer me the advantage of the doubt

(when you look like us try anything to make

sure you’re safe) “Is this your automobile? “”… huh?””Who’s automobile is this?!” “Mine, officer … why did you pull me over?””License and registration and insurance now.” “Why ‘d you pull me over tho?”” Now.””Here.”Less than 2 minutes later he comes back … mindset completely shifted. “Oh hey Moe I’m sorry to trouble you, there’s been some suspicious activity in the neighborhood, and I saw you boiling down that hill a little fast, best of luck tonight go get ’em.” … see why we can’t

“just play?”
Because even when we do, we’re still taken a look at as less
when we step off that court, we’re still targeted
by officers when we step foot off that court. Fortunately I’m alucky guy who has to handle
less of
this in his life, but

I feel for my siblings and sis who aren’t as lucky to show an ID and have an officers entire viewpoint

of you change in an instant. So when gamers boycott that’s who they’re doing it for, and if you’re not on this side frankly we do not wish to hear you. It’s not a problem of race or skin color, it’s best and

wrong, selfishness and empathy. Source:

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