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27September 2020

Editor’s Note: First in a series of profiles of the four prospects in the U.S. Senate election.

In the spring of 2016, Maine was in the midst of an opioid crisis that had actually declared half more lives than the previous year.

Trying to slow overdose rates that were killing one Mainer per day, state legislators voted to provide quicker, easier access to the lifesaving overdose turnaround drug naloxone. However a veto by Republican politician Gov. Paul LePage threatened to sink the costs.

As the bill’s chief sponsor and the majority whip in the House of Representatives, Democratic Rep. Sara Gideon went to work trying to enlist assistance for a measure that would permit pharmacists to give naloxone without a prescription. To bypass LePage’s veto, Gideon required three more backers than during an earlier procedural vote– and eventually picked up 34.

It was the second time in 3 years that Gideon– a brand-new however rising face within Maine’s Democratic ranks– had developed coalitions to broaden access to naloxone in spite of LePage’s objections.

“That was a big one and was a defining minute because legislative session that put her forward as a leader,” stated former Rep. Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan, who functioned as Democratic bulk leader.

Four years later, Gideon is in the middle of the political fight of her life as she tries to get enough votes to send her to Capitol Hill next year and send out Republican Sen. Susan Collins home to Maine after 24 years in Congress.

Gideon is highlighting her deal with issues like Maine’s reaction to the opioid crisis, environment modification and prescription drug expenses to represent herself as a bipartisan leader able to get work done.

Yet some Republicans paint her in a harsher light, implicating Gideon of hesitating to jeopardize on essential issues therefore focused on her Senate bid that she has actually stopped working to exercise management throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“There were lots of conversations and times when it was just her and I exercising problems, and there were great deals of times when we achieved success, however there were even more times when it was less than easy,” said Ken Fredette, a previous Home Republican politician leader under both Gideon and her predecessor as House speaker, Mark Eves.

However long time associates and fans of Gideon say they are not shocked the 48-year-old mom of 3 has climbed from Freeport town councilor a decade ago to the nominee in one of the most competitive (and costly) Senate races in the country.

“I think Sara had the intuitiveness that one requirements,” stated previous Maine Senate President Beth Edmonds, a Freeport homeowner who served as treasurer on Gideon’s very first legislative race. “She comprehended she had to find out things in the Legislature and she had a specific amount of personal drive. … I did have a sense that she would go far, and I think she will go all of the way.”

Whether Gideon will go all the method this November is uncertain, given Collins’ stature in Maine and national profile, never mind the ruthless attack advertisements from deep-pocketed outside groups.

Unable to depend exclusively on left-leaning southern and coastal communities to win a statewide race, Gideon needs to convince rural voters that she will represent their interests much better than Maine’s senior senator.

She needs to likewise reckon with accusations that, as Maine’s Home speaker, she hasn’t done enough to assist typical citizens manage the pandemic since the Legislature quickly adjourned in March.

Critics compete that, as one of the state’s highest-ranking lawmakers, Gideon had a platform to apply public pressure and hold the Maine Department of Labor responsible when a breakdown in the overwhelmed unemployment system avoided 10s of countless jobless Mainers from rapidly getting assistance. But Gideon did bit openly as the Democratic administration of Gov. Janet Mills struggled to handle the issue.

And the bipartisan skills that Gideon lists as one of her strengths weren’t enough to convince Republicans to agree to convene the Legislature for a special session to end up deal with bills and exercise oversight over Mills’ response to the pandemic. Republican politicians’ rejection to reconvene for anything however pandemic-related concerns suggests numerous costs– much of them bipartisan– will likely die this year.

“Speaker Gideon has failed to talk about with us the possibility of a limited session agenda, has actually made no attempt to talk with any Republicans about collaborating and yet continues to say she will work with anyone to help Maine,” Rep. Kathleen Dillingham, an Oxford Republican politician who works as Home minority leader, said in a statement. “Declaring to work across the aisle to help bring people together, while making no real effort to do so throughout a national emergency situation, isn’t collaborating and is a failure of leadership.”

Gideon and Democrats have, in turn, implicated Republican lawmakers of hypocrisy by holding rallies in the early months of the pandemic demanding lawmakers go back to Augusta and then two times obstructing a special session months later on.

On the other hand, the partisan stalemate has actually enabled Collins and her Republican backers to duplicate a “Sara did nothing” drumbeat throughout the pandemic, as the incumbent crisscrosses the state promoting her co-authorship of a relief program used by approximately 28,000 Maine services.

Yet poll after poll has actually revealed Gideon leading Collins– typically by about 5 percentage points– despite a pandemic that has upended in-person campaigning.

For Gideon, that suggested briefly canceling well-attended “Dinners with Sara” occasions around the state that showcased her polished-yet-personable speaking abilities and capability to get in touch with a crowd.

Calling the campaign “not just the race of my life however the race of our lives,” Gideon intends to carry Mainers’ disappointment with President Trump and with what she represents as Collins’ complacency with the president. She is also tapping progressive and moderate Mainers’ issues about health care, climate change, civil rights and reproductive problems under continued Republican control of the Senate.

“If we wish to change that, there are just a handful of seats that we require to win but you can be sure that a person of those seats has got to be this one here,” Gideon outlined 50 people collected at a mid-September outdoor event in Brunswick. “We do need to replace Susan Collins in the U.S. Senate. She has actually been in Washington for too long.”


As the 48-year-old mother of three informs it, Gideon didn’t run for regional office in Freeport with objectives of one day holding one of Maine’s senior-most elected offices, much less vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

“They were not things that I had planned on doing,” Gideon said in a recent interview.

Gideon matured in the upscale town of East Greenwich, R.I., the daughter of an Indian immigrant daddy and an Armenian-American mother. In high school, she was a cheerleader, ran track and was picked for the “senior prom court” throughout her senior year.

She studied worldwide affairs in the nation’s capital at George Washington University and worked as an intern for one of Rhode Island’s senators. Prior to moving to Maine in 2004 with her partner, Benjamin Rogoff Gideon, and the couple’s youngest kid, she worked in marketing for U.S.A. Today.

The family had actually been in Maine for 5 years when, as she typically states it, someone left a message on their house addressing machine asking if Ben would be interested in running for Freeport Town Council.

By then a stay-at-home mom caring for 4- and 5-year-old boys plus a 1-year-old child, Gideon says she heard the message and idea, “In fact, I think that’s a job I can do.”

After 3 years as a town councilor, Gideon beat 2 Democratic primary opponents to win the nomination– and ultimately the basic election– for an open seat representing parts of Freeport and Pownal in the Maine House in 2012.

Two years later on, Gideon’s Democratic colleagues chose her assistant majority leader in your home. And two years after that, Democrats selected her over two other contenders for the task of House speaker.

In addition to being 3rd in the line of succession for the governor’s workplace, your home speaker manages part of the program at the State Home and must also ride herd over 151 members with wildly various concerns, constituencies and political beliefs.

“I have actually seen her time and time once again continue to work with individuals despite the number of times they opposed her as a person or opposed the issues that she is passionate about,” said McCabe, the previous Democratic floor leader from Skowhegan who now deals with the state employees union.

But continuing an olden custom in Maine politics, Republicans have defined the Rhode Island native as a privileged out-of-stater who can’t connect to– or represent– the interests of rural locals far from the upscale coastal communities around Freeport.

Attack ads have pointed to the Gideon family’s waterfront home, which has actually an evaluated worth of $1.3 million, along with a stopped working $4 million realty endeavor led by Ben Gideon that resulted in more than $57,000 in tax liens, which have actually considering that been repaid.


Gideon’s very first 2 years in the speaker’s chair as well as her 2 years as Democratic assistant bulk leader accompanied the final regard to LePage. She had her victories over the combative governor, particularly on expenses dealing with the opioid crisis, but she also suffered losses, sparked debates and was speaker during the very first federal government shutdown in more than 20 years.

In the hours leading up to the July 2017 shutdown, House Republicans closely aligned with LePage rejected a budget plan compromise that had actually currently been endorsed by Democrats and Senate Republicans. Legal leaders went to the Blaine Home to work out however Gideon went out after she said LePage used a list of last-minute needs, tossed a “temper tantrum” and showed “aggressive habits, specifically towards me.”

Fredette, the former Home Republican leader, was likewise in the room that day and remembers both Gideon and LePage raising their voices at each other.

“I dealt with Mark (Eves) when he was speaker, and I worked with her when she was speaker … and, without being political, when I was dealing with Mark, we didn’t have any federal government shutdowns,” Fredette said.

State workplaces reopened a couple of days later but not in the past enough Democrats agreed– to the disappointment of many progressives– to eliminate a voter-approved 3 percent earnings tax surcharge on wealthy citizens for K-12 programs.

It wasn’t till Democratic Gov. Janet Mills took office in 2019 that Gideon was lastly able to expand Medicaid and pass bills focused on boosting Maine’s solar energy market— problems she had been unable to surpass LePage for many years.

LePage summed up the last legislative session of his 8 years as guv by accusing Gideon of wanting “to toss the senior on the street (rather) than offer a Republican-backed expense a win.”

Yet Gideon worked with Democrats and Republicans to shepherd through numerous major policy initiatives, both throughout LePage’s period and considering that Mills took workplace. Those consist of making sure that individuals with pre-existing conditions are not rejected healthcare and that younger adults can stay on their moms and dads’ insurance strategy– direct reactions to Republican efforts in Washington to dismantle the Affordable Care Act– and climate-related legislation setting new emission reduction objectives.


It was Collins’ critical vote to validate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in October 2018 that “put me in a different plane of believing” about her political future, Gideon said in an interview.

Throughout a Senate flooring speech watched around the globe, Collins dismissed claims of sexual assault levied against Kavanaugh and said she was not concerned the conservative judge would vote to rescind the Roe v. Wade choice legalizing abortion.

Within hours, Gideon and others were talking publicly about challenging Collins in 2020.

“It wasn’t the moment that I chose to run for Senate,” Gideon stated. “As a matter of truth, it took me numerous, lots of months to decide to run for Senate. But I can share with you that I had actually never thought about running for Senate before then.”

Gideon wouldn’t officially reveal her choice till June 2019, after the Legislature adjourned for the year and after she had actually gotten the true blessing of her partner and 3 children. But she immediately leapt to the front of the candidate pack due, in no little part, to the immediate public support she received from the national Democratic Celebration.

By the time Gideon travelled to success in the July 14 Democratic primary, Maine had currently been partly locked down for months due to the coronavirus. The pandemic likewise shut down the roundtable conversations and “Dinner with Sara” occasions that Gideon had been holding around the state.

Those in-person occasions were changed with nearly a dozen “virtual town halls” in between April and June as much of the state– including the Maine Legislature– closed down due to the infection. Mills exercised her near-unilateral executive authority to react to an emergency, as did most other governors.

Yet Gideon still hauled in a record $9 million for her campaign in between March and June.

With less than two months until Election Day, both Gideon and Collins are back on the path, checking out organizations, holding roundtables and conference with supporters in socially distanced settings.

At the Supper with Sara occasion in Brunswick earlier this month, participants ate separately bagged sandwiches– instead of the pre-COVID fare of franks and beans– at spaced-out tables under a wedding event tent.

In the final concern of the night, 22-year-old volunteer phone lender Tessa Vaccaro asked Gideon how she need to respond to on-the-fence voters concerned about Maine losing Collins’ seniority in Washington. If Republicans continue to manage the Senate, Collins could end up being the next chairwoman of the effective committee that actually divvies up the federal budget plan.

Gideon laughingly replied she gets that concern “all of the time” but included all of Maine’s senators, regardless of party, have actually assisted bring federal refund to the state. And she again framed her candidacy within the more comprehensive, national image– while taking a few not-so-subtle swipes at Collins.

“As long as Mitch McConnell is the majority leader in the Senate, it does not matter if Susan Collins is ‘enthusiastic’ or ‘worried’ or ‘disappointed,'” Gideon said, echoing Collins’ frequent actions to Trump debates. “We require more than somebody who sits on the Appropriations Committee. We need someone who is genuinely a champion for us. Which is really the individual that I will be.”

Following Sunday: Sen. Susan Collins

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