Healthcare views present large space between prospects in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District – WMTW Portland

10September 2020

Republican Dale Crafts, a previous state legislator and profession business person, is running on his resume in tough incumbent freshman Democrat Jared Golden.” I’m a free enterprise man,” Crafts stated today, as he got the recommendation of the conservative-leaning National Federation of Independent Companies, which counts 3,000 Maine small businesses as members, including the Crafts household car dealership in Lisbon the candidate’s dad began in 1951.”It makes a difference to have someone like Dale, who knows what it implies to run an organization,”stated NFIB Maine State Director David Clough.” There’s no substitute for understanding you have sales at the top, but you don’t have a revenue at the bottom unless you handle expenses.”One of the fastest growing expense for organizations is employee medical insurance premiums, and Crafts believes competitors keeps health care quality high and prices lower.”You got to get insurance companies competing,”Crafts said. “You can go to one health center, it’s$ 1,500 for an MRI. You can decrease the street and get one for$1,000.” Crafts slammed Golden for allegedly supporting spending trillions of tax dollars to supply universal healthcare. He stated, “That implies all of these small companies, people with health care that like their health care, like their medical professional– he wants to take that all away.”Golden’s reply: “I am not going to remove anyone’s gain access to or right to have private insurance– that’s what Dale Crafts states. I am going to continue to battle to ensure that everybody has access to healthcare they can manage.”Golden opposes “Medicare For All,” though he supports letting people purchase into Medicare, federal government insurance coverage for senior citizens, before they turn 65, the present age of eligibility.Golden stated, “I believe we need to have options for people, and a public alternative is one way to do that.”Crafts did not offer an opinion. “I would have to take a look at the information of that,” he said.But Crafts asserted the Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama ought to be reversed and replaced with a free enterprise system.”I’m not for government-run healthcare, because government does not run anything effective like a business owner,” Crafts stated. “The left appears to want to decrease this socialist roadway to the federal government has the responses.”Golden stated, “The power of competition hasn’t been working too well for the American individuals or the people I represent going on the number of decades now? When I hear someone state ‘free market option,’ what I hear is, ‘You have cancer, and you can’t pay for to pay for that treatment, you’re out of luck.'”He included, “If you eliminate the Affordable Care Act, you lose securities for people with preexisting conditions.”Nevertheless, the candidates agree the federal government, whether the Medicare program or the Health and Humans Services Department, ought to negotiate straight with pharmaceutical companies to decrease the expense of prescription drugs, like the VA does for military veterans.In the present House session, Golden elected a bill that passed to cap out-of-pocket drug costs for elders on Medicare at $2,000 a year. A comparable bill, with a $2,500 cap, has actually passed the Senate Finance Committee.Golden, along with a group of bipartisan Home members, has written congressional leaders urging a compromise on the concern this fall.Golden said, “I believe what we’re promoting is let’s not let gridlock in Washington stand in the way, even as we’re moving closer to the election.”


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