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7January 2021

Esther Grossfield always imagined being in the show business. That dream became a reality when she transferred to Laguna Woods Village.

Since 2015, Grossfield has actually hosted “Esther’s Laguna Woods Program” on Village TELEVISION Channel 6, speaking with all type of folks: vocalists and stars, The second world war veterans, Vietnam and Korean war veterans, and Holocaust survivors, amongst them. The show airs at noon on Thursdays and Saturdays.

“I always wished to be an actress and a design when I was growing up in Israel,” Grossfield said. “As a teen, I was modeling clothing for a paper’s ads. I enjoyed it and loved that everybody in my town knew me, so I wished to keep doing it.”

  • Laguna Woods Village TV host Esther Grossfield,

  • with Roberto Ruiz, a World War II bomber pilot who flew missions over Germany, on the set of her TV show. (Thanks To Esther Grossfield) Town TV program host Esther Grossfield sits with Lt. Muriel Engelman, a Laguna Woods Town homeowner who was a nurse during World War II.(Courtesy of Esther Grossfield) Laguna Woods Town

TELEVISION character Esther Grossfield has interviewed around 75 people from all strolls of life over the five years she’s been hosting her show, “Esther’s Laguna Woods Show.” (Thanks To Esther Grossfield)Grossfield stated she has interviewed around 75 people over the five years she’s been hosting the program.

She said she’s fortunate when it pertains to getting guests to come on her show– and they’re almost always from the Town.”Due to the fact that the show is so popular, I’m constantly being asked if somebody can begin or I get a referral,”she said.”

I desire various topics, so I seek to include various individuals.”One of her preferred guests, she said, was Lt. Muriel Engelman, a Town homeowner who was an Army nurse during World War II whose system braved the Battle of the Bulge.

“She was also a Jewish lady and stated the bombs were coming every 10 minutes for 2 months,” Grossfield stated. “She helped the soldiers and the Belgian people throughout the war when they got injured from the bombs.”

Grossfield likewise recalls vocalist Linda Leigh. Leigh when resided in the Town and fulfilled the Rat Load and Marilyn Monroe in the past.

“Linda once was asked to sing for the Rat Pack’s table in Las Vegas where Marilyn Monroe was also seated,” Grossfield stated. “She was singing, and one night a guy turned up and said, ‘Pertain to our table.’ She went to the table, and who was seated but none other than Frank Sinatra and all of the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe.”

Amongst the most memorable interviews, she said, was when she had 3 Laguna Woods City board members on the program at the same time, albeit on Zoom: Mayor Noel Hatch, Mayor Pro Tem Shari Horne and Councilwoman Cynthia Conners. The 3 ran as a slate for reelection, and all won, she said.

Grossfield likewise took pleasure in talking with Roberto Ruiz, a The second world war bomber pilot who flew objectives over Germany. He was in the very same army as actor Jimmy Stewart and flew with him, she stated.

Ruiz choked up as he explained an objective over Germany when the bomber’s prop was hit, Grossfield remembered. He safely directed the airplane back to England, saving his team of 10. When they landed, the team members were so grateful to him for saving their lives.

Grossfield also recalled talking to Brett Halsey, a Village homeowner who won a Golden Globe in 1961 and appeared in “The Godfather Part III” in 1990, among lots of other TV series and films.

Halsey “brought his Golden Globe Award to the studio, and it was a thrill for me to hold it,” she said.

For her January program, Grossfield spoke with Joey Sims, the president of the Laguna Woods Village Komedy Klub, who she stated was “terrific and so amusing.”

Grossfield, who is in her 60s, was so connected on remaining in the spotlight that she left her roots in Israel behind and emigrated to the United States in 1972.

“My sister Hana was wed and currently residing in California as a homemaker so she sponsored me,” she stated. “I also have a twin sister who still resides in Israel. I had to wait 2 years before I could come; I could not simply come like it is today with people crossing borders.”

Grossfield got her permit when she dropped in Chicago prior to landing in California, she said: “They commended me at the Chicago O’Hare Airport when I got here. It was incredible.”

When she relocated with her sister in Beverly Hills, Grossfield said, she had a bit of culture shock: “First thing in the morning, I keep in mind when I got here, I heard people talking in English. I didn’t speak much English, but I learned some in Israel. But I was surprised to hear it due to the fact that I was used to hearing Hebrew.”

Though she lived in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles locations for numerous years, acting tasks didn’t occur for Grossfield, she said, however she had other tasks, including stockbroking and offering realty.

Grossfield and her hubby, William, 73, whom she met in 1989, transferred to the Town in 2012, after hearing about it from friends. The very first thing she did when she moved to the Town was try to find something in home entertainment, she stated.

“I signed up with the Video Club right away, and after a while, they offered me some airtime and started letting me do some interviews. Then I began my show in 2015 and have actually been doing it since.”

Grossfield’s show was taped at the TV 6 studio prior to the pandemic hit, and now she does it via Zoom from her house. As much as she takes pleasure in doing the program, it does take some work, she stated.

“I enjoy doing it, but it takes me two hours to get ready before we start. I need to choose what I am going to use and do my hair and makeup,” she said. “Everybody believes this is how I look every day, however not really. I do it all myself now because of the pandemic, however I am having a good time.”

And she definitely doesn’t regret the choices she’s made in life.

“I constantly understood (America) was the land of chance, and I constantly wished to be here,” Grossfield said. “However it just didn’t exercise, the acting thing back then. I chose I was going to remain in business world instead, and something caused another.

“So, here I am now in Laguna Woods Village doing a TELEVISION show.”


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