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21August 2020

I suppose”He wasn’t born there but he deserted it “is the newest birther conspiracy.(Biden was a child when his father lost his job

and had to move the family to Delaware.) Trump tells very big lies(coronavirus is almost gone )with terrific frequency. (He’s declared credit for the Veterans Choice Program more than 150 times. Then-President Barack Obama signed it into law in August 2014.) He continues to claim Russia meddling in our election was a “scam.” He invites QAnon however turns down the science of environment modification. He has one of the worst records on jobs of any American president ( another 1.1 million newbie joblessness claims were submitted recently), and will not accept a costs to extend the weekly $600 joblessness insurance supplement. He lies when he says he acquired a financial mess. (That was Obama.)

He firmly insists falsely that no president has been tougher on Russia but won’t raise Russian bounties on American soldiers with Vladimir Putin. He encouraged China’s President Xi Jingping to build re-education camps for Uighurs, states Kim Jong Un enjoys his individuals, pulled troops out of Germany, believes China spends for tariffs and is encouraged the trade deficit resembles a costs we need to pay. He sides with Putin on the U.S.S.R.’s rationalization for going into Afghanistan, on Russia’s interference with our election and on readmitting Putin to the Group of Eight (now the Group of 7).

Any number of his absurd assertions end up being fodder for the governmental arguments, potentially releasing him to gush one word salad after another. It is likewise possible that he will have a fit if asked perfectly sensible concerns. Alternatively, he might simply validate his crackpot ideas:

  • Why didn’t you follow Obama’s pandemic road map? How did Obama handle to produce more jobs than
  • you? Why do you accept the assistance of QAnon, a conspiracy labeled by the FBI as a domestic terrorist threat?
  • Would you keep help again to a foreign power to get harmful information on a political challenger?
  • Do you believe if everyone votes, Republicans will never ever win?
  • Why would you file a suit to remove Obamacare during a pandemic?
  • Why did you let your child and son-in-law make countless dollars and not liquidate their holdings when they operated in the White Home?
  • You said the police kill more Whites than Blacks, however aren’t Blacks eliminated at a rate out of proportion to their population? Do you believe there is no systematic bigotry?
  • What brings in a lot of convicted criminals to your campaigns? Or do you seek them out?
  • Do you still think there were extremely fine individuals on both sides in Charlottesville?
  • How do you reconcile paying off two ladies with whom you had adulterous affairs, separating families at the border by force and deporting moms and dads of “dreamers” with “household worths”?
  • You guaranteed the households of kids eliminated in Parkland, Fla., that you would support harder background checks. Why did you break your pledge?

The subjects are nearly unlimited; the chances for hilarious pratfalls plentiful. Which brings me back to my underlying suspicion that he might think up some excuse not to appear to all (or even any) disputes. (Rigged! Biased mediators!) I for one hope he appears. Biden might even let Trump have all his time.

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