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30October 2020

After 31 years on the anchor desk at NEWS CENTER Maine, Lee Nelson is stepping aside to pursue a profession in the physical fitness industry.

PORTLAND, Maine– It’s Friday, October 30, 2020– just two months shy of my 31st anniversary here at NEWS CENTER Maine, although we called it “6-Alive” and” 2-Alive “back then

. We’ve gone through a great deal of modifications for many years, but a few of us have actually been here for the long haul. And individuals like Cindy

, Pat, Rob, and Sharon are showing no signs of decreasing.

And I’m not slowing down either, because as you know, I’m really getting younger … not older. But … I seem like I have actually achieved all I can here, and I ‘d rather leave previously you the

viewers– or the supervisors here– ask me to leave. I just wished to take a moment to thank all of you viewers throughout the entire state for trusting me and watching me for all these years. I really do not mind it when individuals approach me and

say” I matured enjoying you”despite the fact that I oppose them when they state it. It’s actually been a benefit to be allowed in your homes every day for thirty years. The part of this task that always appealed to me the most was the connection I felt with individuals enjoying at

house. I think that connection was genuine … and it kept me going all these years.

If you matured seeing me, then I’m the man who for many years informed you when snowstorms canceled school. If you liked me, that’s why … let’s face it. I remember doing the first-ever “STORM CENTER “back in the very early 90s. We did it by the seat of our pants. Actually … that’s another thing I constantly enjoyed about this task– the reality that TELEVISION news is live, and yes there’s a bit of risk in that.

It was also an honor to be part of every major newspaper article since 1990. The ice storm, the Pam Smart trial. I was live at the Jetport the early morning after 911 reporting on how a few of the bombers came through Portland. I remained in New Orleans for the Patriots’ very first Superbowl win. So many stories.

Thiry years on the early morning program was amazing. It started as a half-hour. Kevin Mannix and I would walk in the building and turn on the lights. However throughout the years, the program grew and grew– and now, a fairly considerable staff remains in the structure around the clock. It was a fantastic run, but when the kids moved away … it made sense to work a more typical schedule.

And that enabled me to deal with Cindy, and I’m so grateful for that opportunity. In lots of methods, it’s the emphasize of my career. We’ve had a fun time working side-by-side in life and at work, and our desks are even beside each other in the newsroom. We’re separated only by our canine, who sits in between us on a lot of days.

My profession would not have been complete without being Cindy’s co-anchor. Therefore now it is.

Thanks to all the other individuals I have actually dealt with throughout the years. It would take all night to name everyone who made my time here so great … however I definitely wished to shout-out to Sharon Rose Vaznis and Kevin Mannix since I pretty much grew up with them. And I’m truly proud of what we accomplished over the years. We were number one by a long shot for a whole generation. Not too shoddy.

NEWS CENTER Maine is truly a terrific place. Honesty and integrity still rule the day here, even as some individuals toss “phony news” slurs at us. We’re not phony … never have been … never ever will. Just because you don’ like the truths, does not suggest they’re not the realities. That’s on you … not us.

So, I’m leaving the news organization … and I’m moving into the fitness world. That’s been an enthusiasm of mine my entire adult life.

And If you follow me on social networks, you’ll be seeing me routinely. So I will not say

“bye-bye.” Let’s simply say,”I’ll see ya when I see ya.”

And thank you so much for your commitment. Lee Nelson will anchor his last shows Friday night at 4 and 5:30 p.m.

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