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17September 2020

The pandemic has actually made it glaringly apparent that this country needs universal single-payer health care. We invest more per capita on healthcare than other wealthy countries and get less protection for our dollar.

According to the U.S. News & & World Report, the U.S. ranks 15th in finest public health care systems around the world and the top four (Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Norway) are all single-payer systems. The average per capita spending on health care in those 4 countries is $765.75, compared to $1,122 in the United States, according to 2017 information from the Commonwealth Fund.

It’s inhumane to chain someone’s medical insurance to their employer. It’s unjustified to permit the earnings motive to reign easily over people’s incomes– their monetary scenarios along with the precise concern of life or death. It’s a human right to gain access to quality healthcare and this nation is more than wealthy adequate to ensure that right for each resident.

Furthermore, popular opinion reveals overwhelming assistance for Medicare for All; a recent poll reveals that 69% of Americans support it.

Lisa Savage is Maine’s only Senate candidate who listens to the vox populi and supports Medicare for All. This is a ranked-choice ballot election: Mainers, I advise you to vote with your values, not your worries. We can be leaders in change.

Emma Raven
North Yarmouth

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