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1August 2020

Portland prepares for US agents to step back from protests

Federal agents watch demonstrators after an illegal assembly was declared throughout a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in

) Marcio Jose Sanchez Last responders should have credit,

too There is a group of people that should be pointed out as heroes. With over 150,000 deaths in our country there should be a shoutout for the last responders who are taking care of all our dead. We checked out and find out about the fantastic work that is being done by our first responders, however nothing about the challenging job performed by the last responders.

Jeroll Anderson

Federal kidnapping can take place anywhere

We ought to all be alarmed and outraged by federal agents kidnapping individuals off the streets in Portland, Oregon. They use unmarked cars and camouflage uniforms and take individuals off the streets. This is precisely how people vanish in China or Russia for opposing the federal government.

It is unconstitutional. While the protesters have gone method too far in objecting authorities actions against African Americans, neither the city nor the state asked for federal support. If it can take place in Portland it can happen anywhere, even here in Tucson. We all need to call our agents in Washington to express our outrage.

William Ridlinghafer

Deceptions stalk

state treasurer

Re: the July 19 post “Why I support Trump, his vision of American dream.”

It is disappointing to see our state Treasurer Kimberly Yee has actually put on rose-colored glasses of deception and is trying to encourage us to follow her. To pretend that the present economy and the one of our future has any bearing with the pre-COVID economy is the embodiment of dream. Had our president and the federal government acted in the very best interests of our nation and world I may be signing up with Yee in her vote.

The limitless death, treasonous actions, absence of concern or care and his inability to create even a minimally appropriate action to the pandemic adds to our suffering daily. To pretend this guy appreciates families, businesses or anyone other then himself is the height of self-deception. Not only will I not be electing Mr. Trump, but I will actively work to see Ms. Yee is not reelected. Our country and state can not endure such deceptions.

Sherry Steele

Virus screening

is a fiasco

Full disclosure, I have operated in hospitals the majority of my adult life. I have never ever in 35 years seen anything like this kind of gross incompetence when it pertains to the reaction to this virus at every level. Medical facility administrators alter guidelines and are playing catch-up every day.

I enjoy young, 20-something nurses bravely enter those COVID rooms and invest hours completely, uneasy gear. Nobody is asking the right concerns. It can take one week to get a test, presuming you answer the ideal surveys.

3 weeks to get the outcomes to a favorable person has actually done a lot of damage and filled a great deal of hospital beds because lost time. If you are an abundant star athlete or political leader, you get a test and an answer in a minute. We are squandering our resources.

Every capable laboratory in Tucson should be doing COVID screening and giving a prompt answer. This is a logistical failure at every level.

David Creamer

Southeast side

Sinema should condemn Portland atrocities

Dear Sen. Kyrsten Sinema,

I strongly prompt you to publicly knock the government actions that are taking place in Portland, Oregon. The kidnapping of law-abiding protesters by unmarked federal government agents and their rendition into unmarked lorries is absolutely inappropriate in the United States of America. These actions are an assault on the really structure of our democracy.

It’s time that our agents in federal government openly talk to these atrocities and unquestionably face this administration’s outright neglect for our constitution and Americans who are in harmony exercising their rights under our founding document. Please take the action needed on the flooring of the Senate to face and stop this abuse of power that threatens our democracy.

Leonard DiCurti

Coronavirus might be here for the long run

I read the letters every day. On the topic of mask wearing, a very large portion supporter its use. Naturally, it’s containment.

There are virtually no contributors embracing going maskless or why they choose it that method. Their rationale for this is: the virus is a scam; their leader does not suggest wearing it; it’s not manly or it’s unpleasant.

With that in mind, we can presume that, one day, an antidote will be discovered. Well, how many of those anti-mask people will pull out of getting immunized? Perhaps a number that coincides with Trump’s base?

Individuals, we’re all in this together and we all expect the best, however this scourge might be with us for 100 years.

God assist us.

Thomas John Plesniak

Attack ideas,

not individuals

We are a big nation and we need to never expect everyone to settle on everything. I appreciate the viewpoints of those submitting letters to the editor regardless of their political persuasion. They make me believe.

What problems me is the vitriol, finger-pointing, name-calling and nastiness that has actually become significantly prevalent in these letters from all corners of our political spectrum. It’s one thing to be enthusiastic in your point of view. It’s disgraceful to be offensive.

But it seems clear some feel they have actually been given license to be and are every day more and more “offensive.” Having an opposing viewpoint and mentioning one’s case respectfully is something. Attacking someone for a viewpoint that is contrary to one’s perspective is just bad habits not deserving of consideration.

We can be a civil society, however just if everyone attempts.

Trump following

totalitarians’ handbook

I, and much of my friends and neighbors, are really concerned about the loss of our terrific democracy. Historically, dictatorships are begun by elected democratic authorities who brand the free press as the “enemy of the people,” as Trump continuously states. Their method is a “divide and conquer” one, by reproducing worry and department among the population, causing continuous unrest and mayhem, which Trump is doing.

Then, the last end of democracy is the end of order, which a democracy can not thrive without. This is now occurring on our streets, where Trump has actually sent out secret police with no identification and notification of factor for arrest, and without stating the constitutional rights of those jailed.

Trump, who appears to admire totalitarians like Putin, is doing this. Last, but not least, Trump has declared he might not leave office if not elected by calling the election rigged. Heil Trump!

Mark Adams

Oro Valley

President wants

street violence

Peaceful protesters in Portland are abducted by federal agents in unmarked vans. Serene protesters are cleared from near the White House with tear gas and stun grenades. Donald Trump strolls to a church and waves a Bible.

Trump acts like a would-be fuehrer, announcing a “God-given signal” to seize power. Hitler, no Christian, used signs of faith for political advantage; Hitler, like Trump, dispatched storm troopers to advance his political ends. Trump has actually invoked no law allowing him to release federal troops.

Doing so is unconstitutional. Troops might not be dispatched based on the political party of a mayor, yet Trump is targeting cities led by Democrats.

Equipped soldiers will incite, not quell violence, suitable for Trump’s reelection method, conjuring up visions of anarchy and a race war and sidetracking from his dreadful mishandling of the pandemic. We have doubled the infection cases because the spring. Trump’s statement that we are in good shape, if you do not look south or west, would be absurd if it weren’t terrible.

Penelope Jacks

Gush of lies

and distortions

Re: the July 26 letter “This president gets things done.”

Trump has actually begun the procedure of replacing a republican form of government with an authoritarian, fascist federal government in which he is the totalitarian.

Trump utilizes a secret military force to eliminate First Modification rights. He has actually lied so many times that he can not monitor the lies and often contradicts one lie with another lie.

Also, please do some fact-checking: Biden does not concur with the property to “defund” the authorities.

Trump definitely is a do-nothing president. He has used no action to the virus that has actually ruined the economy, wants to take health-care insurance coverage from 20 million people during a pandemic without a concrete plan to change that insurance coverage, and uses public funds to unconstitutionally line his own pockets. There are much more items that can not fit into a letter. To price estimate, utilize your brain folks.

Craig Whaley

Northeast side

MLB playing

a harmful video game

The Major League Baseball season began a week earlier, with no fans in the arenas. Currently, there are 14 ballplayers who tested positive for COVID-19. 2 groups are in quarantine as I write this letter. Other groups lack some of their starting players. The competitive balance, already doubtful in MLB, is now nonexsistent. This reduced season will not be a sign of a fair competitive contest.

This season is obviously about money. Greed is driving the choice to begin and continue playing baseball. Stop it now, before a gamer or possible numerous gamers, or coaches, or office workers lose their lives to this infection. Is that what it will take?

Nick Hansen

Oro Valley

Statistics indicate schools must resume

Recently, there has actually been a considerable outcry by generally instructors against the opening of schools in your area, throughout Arizona, as well as nationally. Statistically speaking, there are no factors against opening our schools. The Majority Of Asian and European nations have actually opened their schools months back, without problem.

More significantly, according to CDC stats, nationally, only 19 children in the 5 to 14 age group, and 202 in the 15 to 24 age group have actually passed away from COVID-19. While any death of any kid is sad and heartbreaking, approximately 2,300 kids ages 5-14 and 14,000 ages 15-24 have actually passed away throughout this time from other causes. More have actually died from the influenza, pneumonia and cars and truck mishaps.

These are data, not opinions, and are readily available on the CDC website. School is incredibly crucial to the physical and mental health of our kids, and they ought to not be shortchanged due to the inaccurate and misguided viewpoints of politicians or teachers, however well-meaning.

Helge Carson

Oro Valley


got us here

It was best to shut down services in March. However Republicans had no patience for it. So they reopened services to reduce joblessness and get the economy going once again. Now the pandemic is worse than it remained in March.

Why was it ideal to shut down then, however not right now? Does the end validate the means? Is it OK to sacrifice lives in pursuit of a robust economy?

Trouble is that their technique has actually stopped working at both: lost lives and a poor economy. Perseverance is a not simply a virtue; it is required in a pandemic such as ours.

Dennis Widman

Northeast side

Masks with valves don’t protect others

The use of masks with valves appears to be increasing. The valves permit the wearer to exhale through the valve with no filtering of the breathed out breath. A person infected with COVID-19 using such a mask can spread out viral particles with each exhalation.

So while the wearers of masks with valves are secured, they are failing to secure those around them. Further education of the public about this problem is needed.

Keith Kaback, M.D.

Northeast side

President preys

on senior citizens’ fears

You’ve got to be joking me, right? Joe Biden never stated he wanted to defund the police, and Chris Wallace exposed this lie face to face with Trump throughout an interview, yet every other ad throughout prime-time show is one where a senior (constantly a woman) is either about to be attacked or is cring in her bed. Trump’s advertisements are everything about worry and attempting to scare votes for himself. I’m a senior and a female and I don’t believe one word of these advertisements. I find it offensive, however not unexpected, that our current president would take advantage of the fear of senior citizens by lying to get votes.

And let me add, I do not know anyone gullible enough to think anything that comes out of DJT’s mouth. Enough with the lying ads, please!

.?. !! Catherine Nourie-Skaug

Northwest side

Pancho Vacation home

was no hero

Re: the July 28 article “Pancho Villa was a hero; let statue downtown stand.”

Residing in Mexico the majority of my 75 yeas, I’ve read lots of books from the best historians about the Mexican Transformation, and I have actually checked out how Pancho Rental property has actually been called every adjective: criminal, murderer, burglar, rapist, opportunist, however never ever a hero. I do not have a Ph.D. like Elizabeth Henson, however she requires to get her info from a better source. Pancho Villa was no hero, and my dad who understood him personally (in 1920) would attest to that.

Luis F. Dabdoub

Source: tucson.com

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