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19August 2020

Absence of management The COVID-19 pandemic has made it crystal clear that we require to choose a new District 1 Skamania County Commissioner to manage our public health department. The present Skamania County Commissioner, Richard Mahar, has actually put our locals in greater threat through his lack of issue and outright disrespect for this virus’s effect and reach … treating it as a “hoax,” while declining to wear a mask and even “abstained” from an important vote to support financing for tracking and tracing. During this past 6 weeks, Skamania County cases rose from 3 to over 55 cases (on Aug. 4), with a minimum of one known death. Without strong management, this will just worsen.

Jeremy Bechtel, from the start, has urged the county commission to take this health danger seriously and to implement preventative measures to safeguard our homeowners. Caring deeply for the safety of all residents and having a history of working with organisations throughout the county, he understands what it takes to operate safely to minimize the risk. Jeremy Bechtel is honest, uncomplicated and will strive to lead by example through these tough times. He listens to people and will bring them together to assist create a dynamic future for Skamania county and its locals.

While COVID-19 has actually made it more difficult to satisfy face to face, you can get a sense of him through his Facebook page at Bechtel for Skamania County Commissioner, District 1.

Keith Brown



To: Secretary Roger Millar, WADOT; Gov. Jay Inslee; Chief Law Officer Bob Ferguson; Senator Curtis King; Rep. Chris Corry; Rep. Gina Mosbrucker:

In this letter I describe road indications known as variable-message indications or VMS. Motorists pay special attention to these signs, due to the fact that they have concerned expect VMS to caution of safety threats on the road ahead, such as lane closures, building and construction, weather condition impacting road conditions, mishaps, changes in traffic patterns, and so on

“MASK UP. REMAIN SAFE!” messages have absolutely nothing to do with road conditions and are inappropriate. Additionally, it is the state utilizing road signage as a tool to condition minds and stabilize a behavior that is not normal in order to enhance a particular program.

It is not within the purview of the ODOT to engage in, or invest money on this type of messaging. I respectfully prompt you to stop it.

Lynn Bergeron


Beating COVID is possible

The U.S. might be four to 6 weeks far from beating COVID-19. Public health experts agree that held true at the beginning of the break out and it’s still true now. “It might have stopped quickly and easily,” Trump acknowledged just days earlier.

So why didn’t we stop it, as numerous other nations have done? All of us understand why: Unreasonable “management” pitching incorrect and deceptive information and not following professional assistance; turning basic public health procedures into a political fight over masks and “liberating” states; and the decades-long GOP campaign to undermine our faith in science, specifically environment modification science.

COVID-19 is not a scam or a deep state conspiracy; we can choose to stop it in a matter of weeks by wearing masks, washing hands and keeping social range.

We don’t need to wait on a vaccine. We just require to follow the science.

Karen Murray

The Dalles

Fantastic service

After reading today’s paper (Aug. 12), I understood had to compose this letter. I have actually valued the new combined paper for some time– the brand-new not only from the major towns here in the Canyon, however likewise your correspondents from far-flung communities– like Lyle and Glenwood. It enhances my feeling of belonging to a splendidly gentle and forward looking neighborhood.

I like the useful, favorable tone– how the news is presented, like the story of what individuals in Lyle are doing to safeguard and feed individuals in this amazing time.

I constantly find the Letters to the Editor interesting, including the variety of views.

The news is presented, it seems to me, in a precise, comprehensive method. I have confidence that if an error is made it will be fixed in the next concern. And, the news covers a broad series of topics.

Thank you for your efforts. You are performing an excellent service to our community!

Lawrence Jones

Hood River

Stalling HEROES

As the Republican-controlled Senate stalls adoption of the COVID-19 HEROES financial relief act, its leaders as soon as again invoke the specter of federal budget deficits. This negative ploy shows their contempt for the financial predicament of millions of Americans who have lost tasks and may soon lose their houses.

There’s been a great deal of smoke out of the Trump Administration given that it took workplace in 2017, primarily to obscure the easy truths. According to the government’s Data Lab, federal deficits last year were $4 trillion higher than in the last year of the Obama administration, when Republican politicians also controlled Congress. This was well prior to COVID relief ended up being a pressing requirement.

One factor in that imbalance was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of late 2017 which cut business tax rates from 35 percent to 21 percent. Corporate tax earnings dropped by $67 billion from 2017 to 2019.

This was the Trump routine’s only significant legal triumph. But what has it really done to benefit average Americans? Very little.

It offered tax cuts to 89 percent of individuals making over $100,000 a year in 2018, but to simply 32 percent of those earning under $30,000. To be fair, one might argue that the rich pay more in taxes and should get more gain from the tax cuts. However, seriously, a lifetime benefit of $278,540 to the leading 1 percent of earners, vs. $4,975 to those at the bottom?

Bill Windstorm of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center warned that the tax cuts could make legislators unwilling to embrace “discretionary stimulus programs to improve an ailing economy.”

Programs like the HEROES act? It’s occurring. Remember that, especially when Trump starts yammering about how he’s going to help the commoner in his next four years. He hasn’t begun yet, and like the majority of his pledges, isn’t most likely to.

Anne Gehrig

Hood River

CARES required

Our country is suffering through an extraordinary health and recession. With less than 5 percent of the world’s population, we have actually suffered almost 25 percent of all world deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. 10s of countless American workers are presently unemployed.

In March, leaders of both parties in Congress interacted to pass sweeping legislation to react to this crisis. The bipartisan CARES Act licensed more than $2 trillion to battle COVID-19 and its financial effects, including instant money relief for private people, loan programs for small business, assistance for health centers and other medical companies, and economic relief for affected companies.

After the CARES Act, nevertheless, bipartisan deal with relief for Americans essentially ended in Congress and in the White House.

The House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act on May 15, 2020. This legislation continues the $600 weekly welfare, offers economic stimulus payments to families, provides lease help while safeguarding versus evictions and foreclosures, and sends out financial support to state and city governments whose revenues have actually dropped.

The Republican Senate, nevertheless, did not even begin argument for more than 2 months, although Mitch McConnell understood complete well that a number of the essential relief programs that Americans have depended on during this crisis would expire at the end of July. On The Other Hand, President Trump continued to inform the nation that the virus was not major and “would disappear– like a miracle.” As late as June, he said the virus was “fading away.”

The $600 weekly additional unemployment benefit has now ended. The Paycheck Protection Program for small companies has actually ended. There is no 2nd stimulus check in sight.

Countless Americans deal with a truly frightening financial future, but Senate Republicans are too divided amongst themselves and with the White Home to use their majority to pass any relief expense at all.

The Senate definitely ought to not have recessed without passing a relief plan! It should right away go back to Washington to pass a bipartisan compromise that handles the complete slate of urgent problems facing our country, consisting of a nationwide method for COVID testing and contact tracing, an extension of federal eviction moratoriums, the provision of much-needed funding for state and city governments, and guaranteeing that schools have the resources they need to resume safely.

William White


Uh, germ theory

The Aug. 12 letter “Trojan Horse” was entertaining, but seems to neglect bacterium theory from the last 100 years. I wish to react to a few of his rhetorical concerns.

Individuals become ill and die from germs like the coronavirus. Five million understood infected people communicate with numerous millions more. I do not understand any of individuals who have died from the coronavirus, however lots of sources state there have actually been 165,000 deaths in the U.S. and 750,000 around the world.

The factor that large church gatherings and funerals are discouraged is since germs move easily from person to individual in tight quarters. That is how lots of people end up being ill after participating in a church service in which only one contaminated person enters the church. It is likewise why multiple relative have died from coronavirus after participating in a funeral. Luckily God is everywhere, so you can worship or share happiness and grief without killing someone in the process.

I have yet to hear a single medical professional claim that viruses are hoaxes. There is not a single piece of relevant details which supports the notion that mayors and governors are responsible for the joblessness rate or business closures. When it comes to that “ready(ness) to stop living to avoid passing away”– there is a reason we drive slower on ice and disinfect devices utilized for colonoscopies. Some call it good sense.

If (the writer) wants to point fingers and question why there is so much clashing info out there, look no further than our inexperienced president and historian. Just this week he stated the epidemic in 1917 most likely ended The second world war (which actually ended in 1945) because a lot of soldiers were sick. Germs do not appreciate our personal or political views.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Drive less, pay less

We’re driving our lorries less throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so our car insurance coverage premiums should be lower. Automobile traffic is estimated to be as much as half lower in many areas. We consumers require a break! The family budget plans of the 99 percent have actually tightened considerably in 2020. Much of us have actually experienced loss of earnings, been laid off or furloughed, or work decreased hours– so conserving money on our automobile insurance premiums helps.

3 automobile insurer– Allstate, Geico, and USAA– have actually been proactively sending notifications with credits to their insurance policy holders over the previous couple of months. My cars and truck insurance policy has actually been credited $84 so far this year due to driving less throughout COVID-19. That’s for one cars and truck.

Some readers might have gotten a credit already, but if you haven’t, I suggest calling your insurance coverage agent or company and ask what they are doing to minimize your auto insurance expenses throughout the pandemic.

Think about it: Because less mishaps are taking place, the insurance coverage industry as a whole might end up saving $100 billion from claims that will not require to be paid. This price quote comes from ValChoice, a service that rates insurance provider. We customers require to see a few of this cost savings that insurer are enjoying entered our pockets.

Numerous other car insurer are minimizing premiums, delaying premium payments, or delaying cancellations. I discovered this from Consumer Reports site, and wanted to pass this idea onto Columbia Gorge News readers who may not be getting relief from their vehicle insurance coverage companies. Be proactive and ask your insurance coverage agent or company what they are doing about lowering your automobile insurance premium.

To get more information and see a list of insurer and what they are doing, get in “Customer Reports COVID-19 cars and truck insurance coverage refunds” in the search engine on your computer. Thanks to Consumer Reports for promoting for us with auto insurer.

Michael Stevens



In action to the Aug. 12 letter entitled “Misdirection”:

First, I want to specify defunding the authorities as provided by CNN: “Reallocat(ing) some, however not all, funds away from cops departments to social services and reduc(ing) their contact with the public to reduce the possibility of authorities violence.” This strategy looks for to relieve a few of the social injustices causing crime, all while doing so quietly and without police intervention. So yes, non-violent criminal activity avoidance is what we desire when the “Dems” are running the country.

Your claim concerning the month-to-month homicide toll is valid, but extremely misleading. According to the Oregonian, overall person-to-person and property criminal activities in Portland are in fact down compared to previous years. Although cherry-picking data may make it appear as if criminal activity is increasing, that is clearly not the case. And although the Weapon Violence Reduction Group (GVRT) was cut as part of funds divestment, the authorities unit has “targeted a disproportionate variety of black people in traffic stops.”

Likewise, the GVRT is in fact the exact same company as the Gang Enforcement Team, which went through a re-branding in the fall of 2018 (OPB). The gang unit was found to be targeting black neighborhoods and “keeping casual lists of alleged gang members.” And even with the GVRT’s efforts, shootings have not declined because 2015, a sure indication of the company’s ineffectiveness. So not only is your claim that the GVRT “helped reduce violence in mainly Black communities” not real, the team actually did the total opposite of that.

Jacob Kaplan

Hood River

No ‘Trojan horse’

In letter to the editor in the Aug. 12 edition (“Trojan horse,” the author) postures lots of hypothetical questions. Not all of them are worthy of responses, but a number of do.

“I’m really curious on how this virus has actually been become a Trojan Horse.”

It hasn’t.

“How did an extremely fatal infection (what the media and political leaders are continuously drilling into individuals’s heads but the information reveals extremely differently) develop into environment modification, reform/defund police, racial department, anarchy, vote by mail, deleting history, economic destruction, gun legislation, huge censorship and abortion?”

It hasn’t. Those have actually been problems for more than my lifetime, and the reality that you think that otherwise recommends to me that you have actually not been focusing, and likewise that you can not conceive of how these problems might worsen one another.

“Why do the media and political leaders constantly condemn church gatherings, wedding events, funerals, household events even if people are following suggestions but appreciation huge demonstrations?”

Notice how the author has framed the argument as being in between folks who go to church, wedding events, and funerals, however who follow standards for safety, on one side, and individuals who take part in massive protests on the other.

In response, I would ask, are we talking only about demonstrations against cops brutality? Or also demonstrations versus mask mandates? One of these groups has overwhelmingly utilized PPE, and the other hasn’t. Furthermore, the information just hasn’t worked out the method Republicans would like. BLM protests have actually not resulted in an extreme rise in cases, whereas church gatherings and so forth have actually led directly to break outs.

Last but not least, the author recommendations a pithy little thought-terminating-cliche referenced by YouTube developer “Computing Forever,” who is a far-right white nationalist and conspiracy theorist, in conversation with John Waters, Irish conservative writer who support the 2003 intrusion of Iraq and protested a marriage equality expense in Ireland. Not a terrific appearance, if you ask me.

We can, and must, do better than this.

Benjamin Sheppard

Hood River

Benjamin Sheppard is employed as a social worker.Source: hoodrivernews.com

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