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6July 2020

Find developments on the Maine coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak as we interact to separate realities from worry. Monday, July 6, 2020.


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Provided to your email inbox for your break time. MONDAY, JULY 6 Considering that the last Maine CDC instruction on Wednesday, 4 Mainers, all

  • from Cumberland County, passed away with COVID-19
  • , bringing the state overall to
  • 109: Woman in her 80s Lady in her 90s Guy in his 80s Lady in her 60s An extra 15 individuals have recuperated from

COVID-19 given that Sunday. Of the total 3,423 cases, 823 are among healthcare workers.

Maine’s 7-day weighed average positivity rate is 1.53 %. The cumulative positivity rate for Maine is 3.6 %, representing 109,000 polymerise domino effect(PCR)tests that have actually been done throughout the state. Maine screening volume presently sits at 152 tests per 100,000 individuals in Maine, based on the 7-day average. Dr. Shah states simply in the previous 2 weeks, that number has increased by 42%. “These numbers are positive, and they suggest we are on the best path,”Dr. Shah said.”However, I wish to be really clear: they are not

a cause for celebration.”

The numbers reported are simply a photo of transmissions that happened 2 or 3 weeks ago across the state, Dr. Shah described.
” The numbers that I have actually simply shared– the positivity rate, the new favorable cases– could change for the worst, regrettably, as had occurred in a variety of western and

southern states throughout the country,”Dr. Shah stated. “While these numbers are encouraging, they are not an event to let our guard down. We are still in this. ” Dr. Shah stressed the importance of face coverings. He stated aside from the clinical truths that support masks are an efficient methods of consisting of the spread of

COVID-19, Dr. Shah stated he uses a mask out of generosity, compassion, and neighborhood.

“We are all in this together,”

Dr. Shah said, comparing using face masks to going the speed limit. “We do not want to put another person at danger.” “A face covering is at minimum is what we owe to one another.” At the Sedgewood Commons facility in Falmouth, there are presently 45 confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst locals and staff and 6 locals have actually died. Dr. Shah stated what sets Sedgewoods Commons apart from other break outs is their continual rounds of complete testing of homeowners and personnel. Dr. Shah stated they were proactive and looked for cases rather than awaiting cases to be given their attention.

  • Total cases: 3,423 Validated cases: 3,034 Probable cases: 389 Active cases: 527 Cumulative hospitalizations: 359
  • Healings: 2,787
  • Deaths: 109
  • Case rate (per 10,000 individuals): 25.6


Dr. Nirav Shah made clear that when the Maine CDC reports deaths, they are reporting that someone has actually died who had actually been confirmed positive with COVID-19, not the cause of death specifically. The cause of death decision is left to the medical examiner.

According to Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, since a couple of days ago, there were approximately 2,900 Mainers tested weekly. This consists of individuals tested through the state laboratory in Augusta, in addition to big industrial screening companies like LabCorp. Dr. Shah stated today, the positivity rate is over 5%, suggesting for every single 100 people checked, about 5 or 6 are positive. Compared to other states, whose positivity rates are 10 or 15%, Maine is doing much better, Dr. Shah states. He states he ‘d like to see Maine’s positivity rate around 2%, which is what South Korea’s is. To do that, Dr. Shah states screening needs to increase 2 or three-fold.


Coronavirus, COVID-19 Background The main name for the coronavirus is”SARS-CoV-2″and the disease it triggers is named”coronavirus illness 2019″or “COVID-19″for brief. Coronavirus is a family of infections, which can contaminate individuals and animals. The infections can cause the common cold or more severe illness like SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.

The CDC says signs of the coronavirus consist of fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and in some cases sore throat.

  • The CDC states there are easy actions to take to lower the possible spread of COVID-19: Wash your hands typically with soap and
  • water for a minimum of 20 seconds or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer Prevent close contact with individuals who are sick
  • Prevent touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Stay home while you’re ill and prevent close contact with others
  • The Maine Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced on Tuesday, March 10 that they would be holding day-to-day coronavirus rundowns with director Dr. Nirav Shah to keep the public approximately date on the situation in Maine

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