Maine Secret: Tides expose vehicle and safe inexplicably buried in the sand – WCSH-WLBZ

30April 2021

While there is no known criminality connected to the vehicle, it definitely has individuals who walk or run near to where the car rests talking.

PORTLAND, Maine– A submerged cars and truck and a busted, snail-covered, salt-eaten safe were uncovered this week in Portland

, Maine, complicated residents.

Locals are discovering the reversed car that rests about 15 feet from the safe, both of which had been lost to time near the city’s East End Beach.

But images recorded by a regional high-schooler named Tyler Dyer posted on Reddit today revealed 4 tires and metal pieces of the cars and truck’s body sticking out of the mud and seaweed after the sand covering them shifted.

Dyer was with a cousin when the set found the trashed cars and truck and observed the safe neighboring. “I truly need to know how it arrived, and the story behind it,”said Dyer, who connected to authorities about the car. Portland authorities said they understand the vehicle’s presence however there is no open problem nor an examination associated to it.

While there is no known criminality connected to the car, it definitely has individuals who stroll or run near to where the automobile rests talking, with some stating there is proof of an old disposing site in the

location. “It’s not surprising,”said Matt Hogan, who lives in Portland and knew stories about the old dump. Hogan did call the safe’s proximity to the car “unusual,”wondering,”why would somebody throw away a safe?”

Chris Mills, another guy who does not live far from where the cars and truck is, stated the discovery was “crazy”which he “had no concept”the automobile was in a location he walks through frequently.

Mills added that his wildest hypothesis about what took place to the automobile and safe was that they belonged to something “mafia-related. “

In any case, if you go to the beach attempting to fix this caper, you might wish to bring an excellent set of boots.


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