New video released of George Floyd’s fatal encounter with police – The Washington Post

13August 2020

A Minneapolis law enforcement officer freely mocked and ended up being increasingly aggressive with onlookers who looked for to step in as George Floyd suffered struggling to breathe and eventually lost consciousness while handcuffed and pinned to the ground during a fatal run-in with cops in May, according to freshly launched cops body electronic camera video. The footage was captured by a cam used by Tou Thao, one of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged with Floyd’s murder. The 22-minute video was submitted as proof in the ongoing criminal case into Floyd’s Memorial Day death and made public Wednesday, two days after videos used by 2 other officers at the scene– Thomas K. Lane and J. Alexander Kueng– were released.

Derek Chauvin, then a 19-year veteran of the Minneapolis police, has been charged with second-degree murder and murder. The three other officers at the scene– Kueng, Lane and Thao– have been charged with aiding and abetting. All 4 were fired by the Minneapolis police and are arranged to be back in court Sept. 11.

Thao got here on the scene with Chauvin as Lane and Kueng were struggling to place Floyd into a squad cars and truck, as they examined him for the passing of a counterfeit $20 costs. The video footage from Thao’s cam contributes to the strength of the scene, as Floyd battled versus being positioned in the vehicle and claimed he was claustrophobic. The footage shows Chauvin grabbed Floyd into a headlock as he and Lane attempted to position him into car, before ultimately pinning him to the ground.

As Chauvin, Kueng and Lane held Floyd to the street, Thao stood to the side keeping track of a growing crowd of people who urged the officers to reduce their bodies off Floyd, who was pleading with them and informing them he might not breathe. At one point, Floyd is heard crying out, “They’re going to eliminate me.” The footage reveals Thao turn back to individuals on the walkway and declare, “This is why you do not do drugs, kids.”

The video shows Thao become progressively aggressive with bystanders, who advise the officers to “leave” Floyd after he stops moving. He is shown chewing out a woman who recognized herself as an off-duty Minneapolis firemen and prompted him to check Floyd’s pulse. “Withdraw,” Thao shrieked. As she continued to try to intervene, Thao questioned her credentials, before lastly declaring, “I am not going to have this conversation.”

Thao’s video is likely the last significant video footage of the scene. Chauvin’s body electronic camera was knocked off throughout the battle with Floyd, and Thao’s video shows Kueng obtaining it from under the automobile after Floyd’s body is taken away by an ambulance. A source close to the case says Chauvin’s cam recorded audio, however not video of the Floyd encounter. It has actually not yet been entered as proof in the case.

After the ambulance drives away, Thao and Chauvin stroll to their team vehicle– pursued by at least one guy who continued to scold Chauvin, implicating him of killing Floyd. In the cars and truck, the video reveals Thao turn the ignition, and all of a sudden, a vehicle radio blares on, playing “Alone,” an ’80s power ballad by the group Heart.


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